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Situated at just a few meters from the Atlantic Ocean, in front of the Santa María del Mar beach, La Despensa opened their doors in 1995. Offering a distinguished gastronomic and traditional cuisine, which is based on technical development that is combined with the strict selection of only the best products, products of the market and local culinary traditions and techniques from Cádiz.

What shall we eat today?

The card

We are fortunately with being situated in such a unique place, where we can find products of the best quality for each of our plates. To complete our card we have chosen to use seasonal products. The result is a card based on the local cuisine, with a touch of modernity, making it a perfect balance between the roots where come from and the vanguard.


You can enjoy a great variety of starters, from our delicious shrimp from Huelva to the best assortment of Iberico ham. It´s perfect for enjoying a wonderful evening at La Despensa.


With a diverse base of lettuce (Oak, iceberg, endive, chicory), we can let our imagination run, where fruit, nuts or foie are among other ingredients, which are used in our different types of salads. It will give a juicy and fresh touch that is ideal for sharing.

Fish and seafood

Being in Cádiz, this is something we can´s miss on the card, the best selection of fish and seafood. Fresh fish from the bay of Cádiz, the prawns and clams from Huelva or even the fantastic red tuna of Barbate are part of our fish and seafood card. We feel fortunate to be where we are and being able to offer the best quality in these products, that’s are recognized worldwide.


Our search for the best products, made us travel across Spain in search for the best meat. Which together with our local cuisine has resulted in different recipes. That we prepare in different forms: grilled, roasted and stews.


To really enjoy our great card, we suggest to accompany the dish with a good wine. In the card, you can find the best wines of our land, the best Rioja´s, Red wines or Rose´s.


To finish, you can enjoy our homemade desserts. Ice-creams, pies, cakes,.., everything is made in a surprising way, irresistible even to those who don’t want a dessert, they always end up taking a bite.

Looking over de sea

You can find us at la calle Escritor Ramos Solís nº 9 de Cádiz, next to the beach.

For the perfect dinner, you need to be in good company

Therefore you can make reservations by phone providing us your personal details, telephone number and the amount of guests. If you would like to change the reservation date, you need to contact us, depending on the availability, you must let us know 48 hours in advance and wait until we confirm by telephone.




Start enjoying, in our despensa!!!
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