Our Menu


A selection of cheese, cured Han,and slices of acorn-fed cured pork loin. Milk.19.80 €
Chilled tomato soup with boiled egg and ham from jabugo. Gluten, eggs. 5.30 €
Rock fish paté with little crunchy toasts (a local speciality). Milk, fish, eggs, gluten toast. 9.50 €
Foie gras disguised as a apple, goats cheese in a vegetable patch and toasts. Milk, gluten toast. 14.80 €
Russian salad with fried quails’ eggs. 9.50 €
White prawns in hot garlic and chili oil (150 grams). Crustaceans. 15.90 €
White prawns in hot garlic and chili oil (250 grams). Crustaceans. 28.00 €
Coquina clams from Huelva in hot garlic oil clams in a tío pepe o mariniére. Crustaceans. 15.90 €
Puff pastry with aubergines and chicken au gratin. Crustaceans. 9.80 €
Octopus with creamy mashed potato and ‘Vera paprika oil. Milk, molluscs. 15.90 €

Our fried dishes

Homemade ham croquettes. Gluten, milk and eggs. 8.50 €
Fried aubergine batons with a molasses sauce. 8.90 €
Brick pastry batons stuffed with cheese and leeks and drizzled with a Pedro jimenez sauce. Milk and gluten. 8.90 €
Cod tempura with wasabi alioli (garlic mayonnaise) (6 units). Fish, gluten, eggs and sesame. 9.80 €
Cuttlefish in batter with our special homemade alioli (garlic mayonennaise). Gluten, Molluscs. 14.90 €

Red Gold

Red tuna tartare with avocado and tartare sauce. Fish, soya, eggs, milk. 18.90 €
Red tuna from Almadraba  “Tiraditos “ with spice tomatoe sauce and sesam. 18.90 €
Red tuna tataki marinated in soya and wasabi with ‘salmorejo’(chilled tomato soup ) cream. Fish, soya, eggs and milk. 18.90 €
Grilled tuna fillet with stir- fried vegetables. Fish. 18.80 €
Red tuna fillet from Almadraba with stir-fried vegetables made wok ( low fat). 22 €

Green, i love you green

Our salads consist ot a variety of salad leaves.
SMOKED: A selection of smoked fish by the Dominguez company (cod, salmon and sardines) palm herts, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn and a honey and mustard
dres-sing. Fish, mustard, celery. 10.90 €
ÁRABIC: A variety of types of lettuce leaves, avocado, cherry tomatoes, warm foie gras, figs, prunes, dates, nuts, pine nuts and a molasses vinaigret-te. Nuts. 10.90 €
Green vegetables sauted in wok 8.50 €

From the farm

Two broken fried eggs with iberian cured ham and chips. 11.90 €
Scrambled egss with wild mushrooms (boletus, chanterelles and amanitas) boulangére potatoes and slices of iberian ham. Eggs. 14.90 €
A bed of baby eels: boulangére potatoes topped with caramelized onions,2 fried eggs and a mountain of surimi baby eels sautéed in garlic. Eggs, gluten, milk and soya. 14.90€


Fresh pasta with prawms fried in garlic. Eggs, gluten and crustaceans. 14.90 €
Fresh pasta with wild mushrooms, foie gras truffle sauce and grate parmesan. Eggs and gluten. 14.90 €
Fresh pasta with gorgonzola, stir-fried vegetalbles, salmon, walnuts and dehydrated black olives. Eggs, gluten, milk and soya. 14.90 €

From the Sea

Grilled driftnet caught squid with green salad and potatoes. Molluscs, mustard, celery and eggs. 14.90 €
John Dory goujons with chips. Gluten. 16.80 €
Rolled sea bass fillets stuffed with red prawns on a bed of tomato coulis and finely chopped roasted peppers. Fish, molluscs and eggs. 17.90 €
Grilled Salmon with stir-fried vegetables. Fish. 13.90 €
Grilled rockfish fillet with steamed vegetables. Fish. 17.90 € 
Grilled baby cuttlefish (6 units). Molluscs. 11.90 €
Cod pil-pil (cod fillet confit in olive oil, garlic and chilli served with an emulsion of the sauce). Fish. 19.95 €

From the earth/ground

Iberian pork shoulder fillets in a Pedro Jimenez sauce. 16.50 €
Iberian pork shoulder with goats cheese and caramelized onion 16.50 €
Duck magret cooked in magrasia wine (350 grams) served with salad leaves,nuts,apple compote and Payoya goats cheese. Milk and tree nuts. 16.90 €
Austurian valley beef aged for a minimum of 45 days (sirloin or Ribeye). 60 €/kg
Beef sirloin (250 grams) covered in foie gras and slices of jabugo ham with a Pedro Jimenez reduction. 23 €
Slowly roasterd shoulder of lamb with boulangére potatoes. 24 €


Warm chocolate sponge cake with vainilla ice-crem 6.00 €
Custard flan with raísin ice-cream (an Andalusian speciality) 5.50 €
Chocolate Mousse tart with biscuits 5.50 €
Fried custard squere with créme pastisiere and vainilla and cinnamon ice-cream 5.50 €
Cheesecake with red berries and raspberry ice-cream 5.50 €
Crispy apple tart with vainilla ice-cream 5.50 €
Lemon and Cava sorbet (served in a Champagne flute) 5.50 €
Canolo, filled with two chocolates (black and white) 5.50 €


Copa de cerveza 350 cl. 2.20 €
Copa cerveza 600cl. 3.10 €
Cerveza Cruzcampo botellín. 1.70 €
Mahou tostada sin alcohol. 2.20 €
Refrescos, zumos, mostos. 2.20 €
Zumo naranja natural. 3.00 €
Nestea y Aquarius. 2.20 €
Tinto de verano. 2.20 €
Agua de ½ litro. 2.20 €
Agua 750 cl. de vidrio. 3.00 €
Gaseosa ½ litro. 2.50 €
Café e infusiones. 1.90 €
Vermouth. 4.00 €
Campari, Pernord Ricard. 5.90 €
Pedro X. Nectar. 3.30 €
Moscatel blanco copa . 2.50 €
Manzanilla, finos, olorosos. 2.20 €
Rioja Crianza copa. 2.90 €
Ribera del Duero copa. 2.90 €
Blanco de tierra copa. 2.60 €
Blanco Verdejo copa. 2.90 €
Rosado copa. 2.60 €
Pacharán. 4.50 €
Baileys. 4.60 €
Cointreau. 5.00 €
Amaretto, Fray Angélico. 5.50 €
Anís. 4.10 €

* The fishery products served in this establishment, affected by the R.D. 1420/2006, on the prevention of parasitism by anisakis, are sometimes treated in the terms established in the aforementioned R.D. * Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. Establishment with available information on food allergies and intolerances. Request information from staff. * Bread, picks and olives for € 1.50. * If you do not want them, indicate when doing the command. VAT included.